Special Educational Needs

Inclusive Learning Statement

At Eliot Bank Primary School, alongside quality first teaching and a broad and rich curriculum offer, we may provide additional and different provision in order to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our Inclusion team will oversee the assessment and support of all school based interventions. Our SENDCo manages the Inclusion team and coordinates liaison with external professionals, ensuring appropriate support and interventions are implemented and reviewed.

All interventions and provisions provided are personalised in order to ensure highly differentiated curriculum support. Alongside this, we also use rigorous systems to monitor pupil progress, aid academic and personal achievement and remove any barriers to learning. Our staff follow tailored and universal continuous professional development programmes, in order to aid a structured whole school approach to learning.

We also run a wellbeing programme for staff. This programme helps us to develop and sustain a healthy and supportive working environment for both staff and children to work and learn in.  In order to foster a culture of lifelong learning, curiosity and independent living skills in all of our learners, we may run alongside our universal curriculum.

Additional and Different Support for Children with SEND:

Communication & Interaction

  • Learning Support via our Inclusion Team
  • Speech & Language Therapy via Local Authority, TAs & Inclusion Team
  • Buy in private Speech and Language Therapist
  • Speech and Language Booster Sessions
  • Social Groups Training
  • Outreach Support via the Autism Outreach Team based at Drumbeat school.
  • Individual Workstations and Screens used as needed
  • Personalised Social Stories
  • Inclusive Learning  Environment
  • Parent Coffee Mornings: ASD

Cognition & Learning

  • Learning support via our Inclusion Team
  • Access Arrangements
  • Quality First Teaching
  • Specific Learning Difficulties Outreach Advisor Support and Assessment
  • Educational Psychology Advisory and Support via Local Authority
  • Speech and Language Booster Sessions
  • Sounds-Write Programme
  • Small Group Phonic Support
  • Small Group Literacy Support
  • Dancing Bears – 1:1 Phonics Programme
  • Lexia Programme
  • Mathletics Programme
  • 1:1 reading alongside reading intervention programmes
  • Dyslexia friendly strategies
  • Highly scaffolded differentiation and intervention support planning.
  • Diagnostic tools used to assess and support
  • Personalised arrangements for SATs and transition

Social, Emotional & mental Health

Sensory & Physical

  • Learning Support via our Inclusion Team
  • Occupational Therapy  and Physiotherapy via Local Authority, TAs and Inclusion Team
  • Sensory Aids and Resources to Support Learning in the Classroom.
  • Mobility and Care Plan Management.
  • Liaison with a range of Medical Professionals as needed
  • Sports Coach Programme
  • Medical care plan assistance via School Nursing Team
  • Get Active

Access to Supportive Environment:


  • Safeguarding Procedures in Place
  • DDA compliant



Unique & Different Specialist School Service Offering:

Universal Parent Liaison Offering: 


  • Parent Evenings
  • Learning Targets sent home termly
  • Parent Liaison Officer support as needed
  • Texts, Letters, Newsletters, Website and Phone Calls
  • End of Year Reports
  • Contact Books for some children
  • Learning Meetings



  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Learning and Support.

Caveat and Disclaimer: Due to the personalised and highly differentiated nature of our support for learners with SEND, the programmes listed above are subject to change.

Not every intervention will be available to every child with SEND. Allocation of specialist services and intervention will be dependent on need, funding and specialist teacher/service availability.

SEND Information Report & SEND Policy

To find out more about our SEN provison please read the folllwing documents:

Contact the SENDCo

If you would like to contact the SENDCo, please find the contact details below.

Hattie Emirali, SENDCo
Eliot Bank Primary School
Thorpewood Avenue
SE26 4BU

Tel: 020 8699 0586
Email: info@eliotbank.lewisham.sch.uk

Concerns or Complaints regarding SEND Provision

In the first instance, parents’/carers’ complaints about the provision or organisation of SEND are dealt with through the procedures outlined in the whole School Concerns & Complaints Policy.

If the complainant remains concerned after following the local complaints procedure, he or she could ask the Department for Education’s School Complaints Unit to take up the matter.

If disagreements have not been resolved at the local level, under sections 496 and 497 of the Education Act 1996 complaints can be made to the Secretary of State for Education.