Blue Reception

Ms Addelsee


Red Reception

Ms Grosvenor

Mrs Davis (TA)

Our Learning

Autumn Term
  • All About Me (Autumn 1)
  • Celebrations (Autumn 2)
Spring Term
  • Space (Spring 1)
  • Animals - Past & Present (Spring 2)
Summer Term
  • In The Garden / Mini Beasts (Summer 1)
  • Make Believe - Lets Pretend (Summer 2)

For more information please download the Reception Context for Learning overview.

WOW Cards

We would like you to share with us anything special your child does at home. You can record anything you feel was a special moment on this WOW star.

These WOWs could include a ‘random act’ your child decides to do, i.e. tidies their room, brushes their teeth or reads their reading book without being told, etc.  Or even a ‘Eureka’ moment that your child has with you about their learning.  Let us know about anything you feel is important to share. It doesn’t have to be a long essay – just a short message telling us all about it!

Click here to download the WOW cards.

Reception Newsletters

Home Learning
  • Daily reading (minimum 10 minutes a day)
  • Regular phonics activity
  • Activity book (to be kept at home) for additional home learning

Take-Away Tasks

Take-Away Tasks provide your child with optional homework opportunities linked to the term’s Context for Learning.  Use the links below to access the tasks that have been sent out so far this year.