Our Staff

We’re delighted with the learning, the warmth, the genuine enthusiasm that the staff show towards our children.Parent

Senior Leadership

Executive Head: Maria Gilmore

Head of School: Katrina Walsh

Deputy Headteachers: Lorraine McGuire (Inclusion) & Andrea Osmond (Curriculum & Assessment)

Assistant Head: Hassan Chowdhury, Mary Quinn* & Del Rowland

Phase Leaders

Early Years Foundation Stage: Lorraine McGuire

Year 1/2: Andrea Osmond

Year 3/4: Del Rowland

Year 5/6: Hassan Chowdhury

Teaching Staff

Nursery: Marianne Kelly

Reception: Rose Grosvenor & Amy Kasoma

Year 1: Sarah Addelsee, & Nutan Sood

Year 2: Naomi Agnew, Kate Angyalova & Fiona Morris

Year 3: Deidera Allen & Joanne Green

Year 4: Caroline Eperon & Del Rowland

Year 5: Sarah Bridgman, Sam Green & Maria Steadman

Year 6: Hassan Chowdhury & Meriam Wilson

Class Teacher: Mary Quinn*

PPA Cover: Anna McVean & Lucy Parker

Teaching Assistants

Nursery Nurse: Janice Barclay

Reception: Carol Davies & Hanaa Hrkic

Year 1: Elizabeth Oyabambi & Carla Ribera

Year 2: Lucy Groombridge & Caroline Hackett

Year 3: Hannah Torgbor & Alia Waheed

Year 4: Vanessa Ackaah, Sue Green & Maryann Midmore

Year 5: Clare Nunns & Geraldine Riley

Year 6: Victoria Stanborough

Music Specialist: Joe Prescott

PE Coach: Erin Bracken

Inclusion Team

Deputy Head for Inclusion: Lorraine McGuire

SENDco: Hattie Emirali

Child & Family Support Worker: Hazel Scott

Learning Mentor: Lisa Carney

Teaching Assistants SEN: Rosella Cofone, & Jaqui Roberts

Classroom Assistants SEN: Susannah Pope & Karen Willis

Midday Meal Supervisors

Senior Midday Meal Supervisors: Pauline Roberts

Nursery Midday Meal Supervisor: Lucy Scott

Midday Meal Supervisors: Vanessa Ackaah, Carol Davis, Sue Green, Lucy Groombridge, Caroline Hackett, Hanaa Hrkic, Maryann Midmore, Elizabeth Oyabami, Carla Ribera-Hurtado, Victoria Stanborough, Hannah Torgbor & Alia Wheed

Office Staff

Federation Business Manager: Simone McAllister

Administrative Officers: Jan Pritchard & Anne-Marie Kucukkaramuklu

Receptionist: Dileia Brant** & Marcelle Razac

Resources Manager: Pauline Roberts

Premises Team

Premises Manager: Glen Goode

Premises Assistants: Bradley Gibbs & Dee Gregory

* - Maternity Leave
** - Leave