Our Staff

We’re delighted with the learning, the warmth, the genuine enthusiasm that the staff show towards our children.Parent

Senior Leadership Team

Maria Gilmore
Katrina Walsh
Lorraine McGuire
Andrea Osmond
Hassan Chowdhury
Mary Quinn

– Executive Head
– Head of School
– Deputy Head (for Inclusion)
– Deputy Head (for Curriculum and Assessment)
– Assistant Head
– Assistant Head


Phase Leader: Lorraine McGuire

Nursery Classes

Marianne Kelly – Nursery Teacher
Jan Barclay – Nursery Nurse

Reception Classes

Amy Kasoma – Class Teacher
Rose Grosvenor – Class Teacher
Hanaa Hrkic – Teaching Assistant
Carol Davies – Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 Team

Phase Leader: Andrea Osmond

Year 1 Classes

Sarah Addelsee – Class Teacher
Nutan Sood – Class Teacher
Caroline Hackett – Teaching Assistant
Carla Ribera – Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Classes

Kate Angyalova – Class Teacher
Lucy Parker – Class Teacher
Fiona Morris – Class Teacher
Alia Waheed – Teaching Assistant
Lucy Groombridge – Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Phase Leader: Hassan Chowdhury

Year 3 Classes

Joanne Green – Class Teacher
Deidrea Allen – Class Teacher
Maryann Midmore – Teaching Assistant
Hannah Torgbor – Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Classes

Caroline Eperon – Class Teacher
Hassan Chowdhury – Class Teacher & Phase Leader
Vanessa Ackaah – Teaching Assistant
Remi Gundry – Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Phase Leader: Mary Quinn

Year 5 Classes

Del Rowland – Class Teacher
Sam Green – Class Teacher
Clare Nunns – Teaching Assistant
Geraldine Riley – Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Classes

Mary Quinn – Class Teacher & Phase Leader
Sarah Bridgman – Class Teacher
Maria Stedman – Class Teacher
Victoria Stanborough – Teaching Assistant


Naomi Agnew*

– Class Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Pauline Roberts

– Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Joe Prescott
Emily Poole

– Music Specialist
– PE Coach

Inclusion Team

Lorraine McGuire
Hattie Emirali
Lisa Carney
Rosella Cofone
Karen Willis

– Deputy Head for Inclusion
– SENDco
– Learning Mentor
– Teaching Assistant SEN
– SEN Classroom Assistant

Lunctime Team

Pauline Roberts
Carol Davis
Lucy Groombridge
Caroline Hackett
Hanaa Hrkic
Maryann Midmore
Carla Ribera Hurtado
Lucy Scott
Victoria Stanborough
Hannah Torgbor
Alia Waheed

– Senior Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Nursery Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor
– Midday Meal Supervisor

Office and Premises Team

Simone McAllister
Jan Pritchard
Anne-Marie Kucukkaramuklu
Dileia Brant
Pauline Roberts
Glen Goode
Bradley Gibbs
Dee Gregory

– Federation Business Manager
– Administrative Officer
– Federation Administrative Officer
– Receptionist / Administration Assistant
– Resources Manager
– Federation Premises Manager
– Federation Assistant Premises Assistant
– Assistant Premises Officer