Science at Eliot Bank

Through the teaching of science, we encourage an interest in and an understanding of our world. There are four main areas of learning in science comprising scientific enquiry, life processes and living things, materials and their properties and physical processes.

To help children think scientifically we build on their natural curiosity. They are encouraged to explore and investigate by developing their skills of observing, questioning, hypothesising, carrying out fair tests and recording and interpreting findings. The school has its own wildlife area and pond, where children can study plant, pond and animal life at first hand.

Use the links below to find out more about the science topics for each year group.

Sam Green, Science Team Leader

Year Group Standards and Expecations

Throughout the year, your child’s attainment will be judged against the criteria set out in the year group-equivalent Standard and Expectations. This on-going judgement will identify what children have achieved and what they need to do next.  Use the link below to access the year group expectations for Science.

Science Expectations