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Eliot Bank’s School Council is all about working together, learning about democracy and playing a positive role in our community. To become a class representative all children were supported to write manifestos detailing what would make them a good Councillor. They were then elected by their classmates and the new school council is set to be announced shortly.

Eliot Bank School council aims to support everyone to find things they want to improve around the school and then put those ideas in to action. There are two members from each year group from Years 2 to 6, and meetings are held at least once a month with Miss Tighe.

School Councillors lead class council discussions and then report back to class council after meetings. They also bring issues that have been raised in class council to full School Council meetings. Representatives must be respectful and listen to others during meetings and not refer to specific individuals or groups during discussions. The representatives aim to use their position in the School Council to support and develop their school and peers, and not abuse this position in any way. Their notice board in the entrance lobby means that all children can identify the children who are school councillors and approach them for support or advice.

Recent School Council initiatives have included;

  • Building relationships across the school, for example by supporting peer buddy schemes and talking to the school governors
  • Improving and maintaining the school environment, for example with litter monitors, gardening clubs
  • Developing community interaction, for example building links with local charities and visiting the Mayor’s chambers with representatives from school councils across the borough

Last year the council also successfully formed an Eliot Bank Eco Council, and after their hard work were awarded an Eco-School Bronze Award. This year the council are looking to go one better and achieve the Silver Award.

Further planned projects include a visit to the Lewisham Mayoral office in November and improving the school playground with initiatives such as litter pickers and anti bullying monitors and looking for ways in which we can help improve our school lunches.

Marianne Kelly, School Council Leader

School Council Members 2019/20

Elections are currently taking place - come back soon to see the school council members for 2019/20.

School Council News

Elections are currently taking place - come back soon to read tthe news from the first school council meeting of 2019/20.