Parent Pay

ParentPay is an online payment system for schools. It allows parents to pay quickly and securely for school meals.

What are the benefits to parents?

  • It’s an easy way to make and manage their school payments online.
  • Children no longer need to carry cash into school, making it a safer place for everyone.
  • Parents are notified when their balance needs topping up; it reduces debt and there are fewer payment errors and omissions.
  • They get greater visibility over what their child is eating for lunch.
  • Parents can still pay in cash via PayPoint if it’s more convenient for them to do so.

You simply top-up your ParentPay account online by debit or credit card, or in cash through PayPoint stores.

Your ParentPay balance can then be used immediately to pay for school dinners.

Use the parent pay link on the right to log into your parent pay account.