Internet Safety for Pupils

The internet is a wonderful place to explore.  We can use our computers, i-pads and mobile phones to do fun things such as, playing games, watching videos, finding out information and chatting with our friends.  However we need remember that some people use the internet to be nasty to others.  Therefore every member of Gordonbrock school must use the internet safety sensibly both in school and at home to keep themselves safe.

You can help keep yourself safe by following our e-safety rules:

It is really important that everyone knows how to stay safe when using the internet or your mobile, what to do if someone is nasty to you or friends or if you see something that upsets you or your friends.

Please have a look at the fun links below which will help you learn how you can stay safer online.

Think You Know for 5 - 7 Yrs: We've made this website to help you go on the internet in a safe way and know who to talk to if you are worried.

Newsround Internet Safety Quiz: do you know how to stay safe?

Think You Know for 8 - 10 Yrs: We’ve created this area for you to show you what we think is good, look at what’s not and show you ways you can get yourself out of bad situations.

Think You Know Cyber Cafe: Visit the cyber cafe where you can help Jason, Sunil, Ali and others to stay safe using new technology.

CBBC Stay Safe: Welcome to your ultimate internet survival guide. Here are the tips and tricks you'll need to stay safe online, beat the cyber-bullies and become a super-surfer.

Hectors World: Watch Hector and his friends learning how to use their computers safely!


We are here to help if you are a young person and you or your friend are upset, worried or scared about something that has happened online.

Visit our Safety Centre for advice and to report directly to CEOP, by clicking on the button below: