Computing at Eliot Bank


Eliot Bank recognises that we are living in a world where technology and computers are becoming an ever-prominent part of our lives. As such we are committed to delivering a curriculum which equips our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding of computers so that they will be prepared to tackle the computing challenges of the future as well as today.

The National Curriculum for Computing splits the teaching of Computing into 3 key aspects: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy; and these aspects guide the teaching at Eliot Bank.

Internet Safety is at the heart of our curriculum – the importance of teaching our pupils how to use technology safely and responsibly and how to seek help about any concerns. As part of this commitment, we recognise National Safer Internet Day each year and organise additional workshops for children, parents and teachers to ensure the whole school community is equipped with the most up to date Internet Safety advice.

Sarah Addelsee, Technology Team Leader

Standards & Expectations for Computing

Use the links below to view and download the year group expectations for Computing.

Computing Expectations