History & Geography at Eliot Bank

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Humanities subjects at Eliot Bank foster a sense of wonder about the world. Children understand their place in the world by learning about histories, cultures and religions. We encourage the children to question, investigate and think critically.

We use a range of strategies to achieve this vision, including: enquiry-based learning; consultation with pupils about what and how they would like to learn; a range of stimulating resources; and enriching trips and visitors throughout the year.

History and Geography are taught as topics and we make meaningful links to other subjects.  Use the links below to find out more about the topics for each year group.

Year 1

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Year 2

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Year 3

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Year 4

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Year 5

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Year 6

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Sarah Bridgman, Humanities Team Leader 

Standards & Expectations for Geography & Hisotry

Use the links below to view and download the year group expectations for Geography and History.

Geography Expectations
History Expectations