Google Classroom: Parent / Carer Guidance

Parents / Carers can use the links below to access self help videos which will them navigate the google classroom system.


This video explains how to acess google classroom, how to navigate the google classroom app and view assigments that have set by the class teacher.

This video explains how to complete and submit assignments that have been set by the class teacher.

This video explains how to view teacher comments and resond to them.


Quick Help Guide: Problems Logging In

Have you Logged Out for Other Google Accounts?

Make sure that you are logged out of any goggle account associated with that device, as only then can your child log in with their own credentials.

Are You Using Correct Username?

In the email box, you will need to enter your child’s username directly followed by, so it looks like an email address: (not

Have you accepted the invitation?

For children who have not access Google Classroom before, they must ‘accept’ the invitation that they have been sent to their classroom.  Once accepted, they are in their classroom and will be able to view any messages that the teacher has written, and the assignments that they have been set.