Year 4

Classes: 4AO and 4CE

Mrs Osmond and Miss Eperon

Our Learning

Celts and Romans
What was it like to live in Ancient Britain?

We go back in time to answer this question, by first focusing on the Celtic tribal kingdoms. We discover the Celtic world through their art, homes and culture, before moving on to the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We develop our historical enquiry skills by using a variety of sources as evidence to describe the ways of life of the Celts and Romans. We also look at differing accounts of the infamous Boudiccan revolt and begin to explain why there may be different accounts of history.

Ancient Greece

The recent Olympic games show us how the achievements of the Ancient Greeks continue to influence our lives more than two thousand years later. We use a wide range of archeological and written sources to discover the lives of the Ancient Greeks and all the ways their achievements have impacted on today’s society. Through drama and literacy we also explore the exciting world of heroes, monsters, gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

The Caribbean

It’s carnival time in year 4, as we find out that there is more to the Caribbean than white, sandy beaches and hot weather. Through the use of maps and photos we discover the geography of the Caribbean and compare it with our local area. We discover Caribbean life through food, dance and art, and realise just how much of this culture is around us all the time in South London.

For more information, please download the Context for Learning Overview and our Curriculum page.

Home Learning

English: Daily reading (minimum 20 minutes, 5x weekly)
Maths: Times Tables Rockstars (3x weekly) and Mathletics (minimum 1x weekly)
Project: Take-Away Tasks – Autumn 18  / Spring 19 / Summer 19 


Indoor PE: Thursdays
Outdoor PE: Tuesdays (Swimming)

Correct PE kit is required. Please click here for more information.