Year 3

Classes: 3DA and 3RG
Ms Allen and Ms Grosvenor
Our Learning

Our Local Area in World War II

Imagine having to leave your home and everything you know. In year 3 we think about what it would have been like for the children of London to leave their city and be evacuated to the countryside. Using a range of primary and secondary sources, including fieldwork and recollections of people alive at the time, we find out about the effects of World War II on the children and families in our local area. An evacuation to Horton Kirby really makes this topic come alive.

Ancient Egypt

This is the first history topic where we will begin to think about and celebrate the achievements of an early civilisation. The wonders of Ancient Egypt will come to life through a variety of sources and activities, including conducting our own archeological digs and handling artefacts at the Horniman museum, as we imagine opening an Egyptian tomb. By the end of this topic we will be able to describe the features of life in Ancient Egypt and answer questions such as why and how the pyramids were built.

The Amazon Rainforest

This term our classrooms are filled with the sights and sounds of the amazing Amazon Rainforest. We will become explorers as we find out about the rich variety of wild life and plant life that the rainforest is home to. We will be able to describe key aspects of the Amazon’s physical geography and give reasons for its climate. We will focus on environmental issues and suggest possible solutions in a class project.

For more information, please download the Year 3 Context for Learning Overview and our Curriculum page.

Home Learning

English: Daily reading (minimum 20 minutes, 5x weekly)
Maths: Times Tables Rockstars (3x weekly) and Mathletics (minimum 1x weekly)
Project: Take-Away Tasks - Autumn 18  / Spring 19 / Summer 19


Indoor PE: 3RG - Tuesdays / 3DA - Wednesdays
Outdoor PE: Thursdays

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