Gallery – Year 6

Year 6 Visit to the National Theatre

Last week, the two Year 6 classes had a fantastic day at the National Theatre . We started the day sitting in the Olivier Theatre learning all the history of this unique performance space.  The children learnt about the hidden spaces underneath the revolving stage  and watched as stage hands set up for the evening’s production. Later on, the children were taken along the Sherling Backstage Walkway and saw props and scenery being made. After lunch the children enjoyed a workshop with an actor who took them through some ideas for the staging of our end of year performance . It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.


In gymnastics, Year 6 has been making balances and counter balances, working individually and in pairs. They’ve transferred their balancing skills to the gym equipment and have worked in groups to create sequences that include balances, rolls and jumps using the pin, ball and wall shape.