Gallery – Year 5

Trip to Royal Greenwich Observatory

As part of last half term’s Science learning about ‘Earth and Space’, all of Year 5 are visiting the home of Time and Space, The Greenwich Observatory and Planetarium, this week. The children had an opportunity to learn and see the Greenwich Meridian Line, as well as learn how the origins of Time recording/measuring began. They then went on to an amazing Planetarium show, ‘Meet the Neighbours’ in which they learnt how small but unique the planet Earth is in our solar system, galaxy and the universe which is made up of ‘a trillion stars in space’.
The highlight of the day was when Doctor Greg, the Space expert who delivered our presentation, said that Jayson’s question about ‘Why are shooting star so important?’ was the question of the day. Ending the cold but fun day with a big round of applause. Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on another successful trip and the children for making the day an enjoyable experience.


Guitar Lessons


We used the amazing Dragonology examples of dragon descriptions to find examples of wonderful words, such as: cannibalistic, vulnerable and spectacles.  We magpied a list of descriptions and phrases that we can use in our own writing, we used these sub-headings:

  • Appearance – head
  • Appearance – body
  • Diet
  • Habitat
  • Behaviour
  • Special facts
  • Name and origins of its name.