Gallery – Year 5

Year 5 School Journey - Marchants Hill

Year 5’s recently wen on a residential trip to Marchants Hill in Surrey. Their week-long adventure was full of fun and thrills as the children conquered many a challenge!

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Maya Workshop – 24th January 2018

Today we were visited by the Freshwater Theatre Company who ran an amazing Maya workshop to secure our ‘Maya: Marvellous or Macabre?’ Spring topic learning. The fully interactive and action packed workshop taught us about Maya hierarchy and how the slaves were the driving force behind the growth of the Maya civilisation and how the king (with his sharpened, jewelled teeth and beautiful headdress) was treated like a god and ruled over the various city states. They used cocoa beans as currency; would write hieroglyphs on to fig tree bark and put these together to make codices (Maya books). It was a ‘fun’, ‘amazing’ and ‘fantastic’ theatre visit and the children were surprised that the time went by so quickly.

Maths: Sorting Shapes

In Maths, we’ve been looking at the properties of 2D shapes and sorting them in venn diagrams based on different criteria. We’ve been learning and recapping vocabulary such as parallel, perpendicular, vertices and angles.