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Year 5’s Arethusa Assembly

World Book Day 2017

To celebrate World Book Day this year, we invited back our old friends, Mr Tim, Mr Oliver and Super Terrance the Wonder Mouse for a story project called, City of Stories. We learnt of the greatest adventure that Taubran Von Stark and Terrance had ever been on – to a wonderful place called The City of Stories. A city made not of bricks and stone, but entirely of wonderful stories. Terrance and Taubran collected tales from this amazing place and then travelled far and wide telling everyone they met of the magical places, bizarre people and strange happenings. But soon the notebooks started to fade. The pages, which they had thumbed through thousands of times, became loose and some even fell out. So Taubran and Terrance decided to return to the city for one more feast of stories. But when they returned, the door was not there.

The children and adults of Eliot Bank were tasked with a mission: to bring the City of Stories back to life. Everything we did, contributed to the finale, where Terrance revealed to us that Eliot Bank was in fact, the City of Stories!

Anti Bullying Week

During Anti Bullying Week, pupils at Eliot Bank were making a noise about bullying. Pupils used their voice to write poems, sending a clear message about bullying and how we can work together to stop it at school – making a noise by telling an adult we trust.
We talked about issues relating to bullying and pupils developed a clear understanding of what to do if they are bullied or see others being bullied. Through collective action we hope to prevent bullying and ensure children feel happy and safe to thrive.

Here are some extracts from our poems –