Gallery – Whole School

Collaborative Spelling Bee

Eliot Bank recently hosted the annual spelling bee for our local collaborative of schools. Year 3 children from Eliot Bank, Holy Trinity, Kelvin Grove, Horniman and St Bart’s competed to win the spelling bee trophy of 2017.

This year, the trophy was won by the team from Kelvin Grove, but all the children performed brilliantly and impressed us with their confidence, bravery and spelling prowess.

A huge well done to the Eliot Bank Year 3 team.

Author Visit – May 2017

This May, we welcomed back the award-winning, local author, Gareth P Jones. Gareth is currently promoting his new series Pet Defenders, which includes the books, Beards from Outer Space and Attack of the Alien Dung. In the stories, Earth is under attack. Who will save it? Our pets, of course! Children from Y2 – Y6 were introduced to the pet characters, Biskit and Mitzy (ably played by Peter in Y3 and Sarah in Y4) in an assembly with Gareth, which included lots of audience participation (including a cameo role from Mr Gillham!) and enjoyable musical interludes. Gareth also talked to the children about the drafting process he goes through when creating new characters and plots. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and many happily walked away with signed copies of Gareth’s books at the end of the day.

Dads Breakfast – Summer 2016/17

Thank you to everyone who attended our Dads’ Breakfast for Geography and Mapping last week. It was great fun! We spoke about the importance of children being able to understand and analyse  both their local and world environments. We studied world maps and made lists of the countries we already knew of. We were then able to locate them on the map and put those countries into groups, based on their features e.g. what continent they were in. After that, we looked at whether these countries were in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere and sorted a range of flags into groups ‘North of the Equator’ and ‘South of the Equator’.  We also explored our directional and positional language by playing a treasure hunt game, before voting True or False on a range of Geographical statements.   Take Away tasks linking to Geography will be coming home before half term, and these provide great opportunities to continue your child’s geographical learning at home.