Explorers’ Club

Welcome to the Eliot Bank Explorers' Club page!

The Explorers’ Club meet one lunch time a week to learn about the world around us.  Each half term we complete a different exciting project, each of which alternates between focusing on the humanities (History, RE and Geography) and technology (Science, DT and ICT).

Our Summer Term Project: Grow Your Own

This term we plan to do some gardening so we can grow food to eat.

We have researched the difference between fruit and vegetables and informed the rest of the group of the distinction. Then, using the internet and some ready prepared slides, the group made a list of the fruit and vegetables they liked to eat.

We discussed the constraints of climate, seasonality and time.


We plan to get the soil ready for planting next week. The ground should then be ready for planting the following week, leaving the rest of the term for the caring, maintaining and harvesting of what has grown.

Update June 2017: 

We have been working hard this term looking after our vegetables that we planted at the beginning of term.  Our vegetables continue to grow everyday and we cant wait until they are ready to eat.

Our Spring Term Project: Forest Hill

In Explorers’ Club, we decided we wanted to find out if there were any other places called Forest Hill around the world so we did a bit of research.  We discovered Forest Hills all over the world, including in Oxfordshire in the UK, in Texas in the USA and in Victoria, Australia.  We wondered if these Forest Hills would be anything like the Forest Hill we live and go to school in so looked at lots of information and pictures online.  We also wrote to some schools in various Forest Hills and got a response from a school in Forest Hill in Toronto, Canada.  They sent us lots of pictures of their local area and we enjoyed seeing how different it is to the Forest Hill we know and love.  The pupils at their school like to hang out at an ice cream parlour and the school itself looks like a castle!  We took lots of photos of our school and made an information pack which we sent them, and they enjoyed learning all about our school.

Pen Pals

As part of an ongoing project, we have made links with other primary schools around the world, including The Modern English School in Cairo and Dulwich College, Suzhou in China. We enjoy writing to the children in these schools, sharing pictures and information with them, and comparing our daily routine with theirs.

Dulwich College, Suzhou, China
Dulwich College, Suzhou, China
The Modern English School, Cairo, Egypt
The Modern English School, Cairo, Egypt