Explorers’ Club

Welcome to the Eliot Bank Explorers' Club page!

The Explorers’ Club meet one lunch time a week to learn about the world around us.  Each half term we complete a different exciting project, each of which alternates between focusing on the humanities (History, RE and Geography) and technology (Science, DT and ICT).


Key Stage 1 Explorers Club

During our first half term, Key Stage 1 Explorers have learned about how different plants and foods have been used to create dyes and artwork in history and around the world. We have had fun trying out some of the techniques we’ve learned about and making our own works of art.



Key Stage 2 Explorers Club

During our first half term, Key Stage 2 Explorers have learnt about what sustainability means surrounding the world of product design. We have researched how we can be more sustainable in our everyday lives by reducing our waste, reusing it and recycling it. From this, we have been designing products such as clothing items that could be made using recyclable materials.