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Teachers: Miss Poulet & Mrs Tighe

Nursery Nurses: Miss Barclay & Konadu

Classroom Assistant: Miss McKenzie



Teachers: Miss Addelsee & Miss McGuire

Teaching Assistant: Miss Davis & Miss Blamire


Year 1

Teachers: Miss Wilkes & Miss Van Wyk

Teaching Assistants: Miss McCann & Miss Hackett


Year 2

Teachers: Miss McKail & Miss Parker

Teaching Assistants: Miss Sood & Miss Ackaah


Year 3

Teachers: Miss Lawrence & Mr Gillham

Teaching Assistants: Miss Waheed & Miss Oyabambi


Year 4

Teachers: Miss Bhela, Miss Onuoha, Mr Chowdhury & Miss Strother

Teaching Assistants: Miss Walter, Miss Riley, Miss Nunns, Miss Midmore & Miss Green


Year 5

Teachers: Miss Angyalova, Miss Steadman & Miss Bridgman

Teaching Assistants: Miss Walker & Miss Goodson


Year 6

Teachers: Miss Osmond & Miss Quinn

Teaching Assistants: Miss Grodent