Class Assemblies

Year 4 Assembly - 16th June 2017

On Friday the 16th June 2017 it was Year 4’s turn to show what they had been learning in Maths. They acted out a scene where three superheroes, Captain Kilo, Lieutenant Litre and Major Metre came to help some children with a measures mix up. The class then performed a rap called ‘Metres, Litres and Grams’ which explained the different units of measure.

Year 4 Caribbean Assembly

Year 4 have been learning all about the Caribbean. On Friday, 9th June, 4PB and 4CO performed their Caribbean Assembly. There was acting, singing, dancing…we were all transported to the Caribbean! Y4 loved Performing the song “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot” and the weather was listening because the sun shone for us.

Year 1 Assembly - 21st April 2017

Year 4 Assembly - 17th March 2017

On Friday 17th March 2017 4HC & 4GS shared their learning in an amazing showcase of their spring based topic: Ancient Greece.

Year 5 Arethusa Assembly

Year 5’s assembly was an opportunity for the children to share their exciting experiences on school journey to Arethusa. They showed us how they had to work as a team to achieve tasks. They re-enacted the string trail challenge to show how they had to trust in each other ,following instructions blindfolded, to complete an obstacle course. They spoke about new skills they had developed such as kayaking.

Year 2 Assembly - 3rd March 2017

On Friday 3rd March 2017, Year 2 performed a vast assortment of poems. Popping up all over the hall, the children retold the humorous poems ,about animals ,that they had memorised. Everyone was really impressed by their confident performances

Year 3 Assembly 

Year 6 Assembly - 25th November 2016

On Friday the 25th November 2016 it was Year 6’s turn to show what they have been learning in their Monarch topic. They acted out the battles that took place when Edward the Confessor died, took us through the Tudor period with a visit form Henry VIII and brought us right up to date with an interview with Elizabeth II. They then sang a song that listed every Monarch of Britain since 1066 to the present day.

Year 5 Assembly - 18th November 2016

On Friday 18th November it was Year 5's assembly.  They shared with the rest of the school all the interesting facts they had found out about our Solar System, including lots of interesting facts about the different planets.

Year 1 Assembly - 11th November 2016

On Friday 11th November it was Year 1's assembly. They showed the school their story maps and retold the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear  by Eric Carle. They then shared some of the innovations they had made before finishing with a great song.