School Improvement Plan 2017-18

School Improvement Plan 2017-18

Our school priorities for this year include:

  • Continue to develop a broad curriculum, with a particular focus on introducing a revised and relevant PSHCE curriculum and Lewisham’s new RE syllabus
  • Introduce Circle Time to help children develop communication and social skills, problem solve and other social and emotional competencies
  • Develop a school-wide growth mindset culture
  • Promote kindness and gratitude and teach children how expressing gratitude can make positive changes to the brain
  • Sustain the high levels of achievement and progress at the end of each key stage. Continue to identify underachieving groups and put the appropriate support in place

There are many other developments taking place right across the school curriculum—linked to the arts, mathematics, English, science, technologies, French and PE.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you throughout the year through the Friday whole-school newsletter and special editions. Keep a look out for an Arts newsletter next week!

  • 13th October 2017
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